"The wait is over and it was well worth it. All I can say is WOW, what a difference". "Over all I was much more relaxed in the RZR and got less tired because I didn't have to grip the wheel so much. Probably the most pleasurable ride I've had in a long while. I'm glad I spent the money. Kudos to BANDIT. Good job Randy/Rokitman RZR Forum member/California
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            New Shock Sales

"I have had Bandit Series 46 fully adjustable shocks on my RZR 570 for 5400 miles of hard/fast desert riding with NO problems. There has been no discernable sag after setting the ride height preload and I find the ride smoother at higher speeds due to my Bandit's ability to react quickly to rough and rocky terrain as well a washboards, whoops and washouts.
Simply put these shocks are amazing!"
 Bob Adams/Nevada
"To the guys at BANDIT thanks a million on making the RZR S handle the way it should. The piggy backs over exceeded my expectation. It took the Hatfield Mccoy Trails like a champ for four solid days. Easy through the most difficult and the suspension was a dream over the rocks and hills. I couldn't ask for more. You guys have great a product. I recommend it to anyone." Winston
"Within the first 3 miles my wife says this is what this machine should have felt like from the git go. Trust your passenger". David/GilaBrew RZR Forum member Arizona
Ted: Just a note to thank you again for the shocks I ordered last year. This improvement made my 570 a new vehicle and along with better tires made it " new" and not a toy.No sway, handles much better (without comparison) able to take bumps and rocks which was impossible with the old "sachs sucks" shocks. Best money I have spent on my rzr to date. Thanks again, Joe Thomas / OSU Cowboy

Bandit's have given my 50" trail a whole new life and gave me enough lift and clearance for 29.5" tires. Thanks, Drew Holt