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Bandit UTV Suspension Warranty Policy

All Bandit Suspension products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months from the purchase date, and the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from any of the following situations:

Abuse of the product
Racing accidents
Improper installation
Disassembly or modifications
Unauthorized oil changes
Damage occuring during transportation of the utv

The shipping box should contain the following:
Shock absorber(s) and / or spring(s)
Information Insert with Warranty Claim Form

All Bandit shock absorbers are set up with heavier rate springs compared to 
the OE weak springs. Our valving is set to match the heavier rate springs. Shocks are 
recommended for vehicles with added cargo, accessories and passenger weight unless otherwise 
specified in description.

All Bandit Suspension shock absorbers are ready for installation. Fine-tuning might be required or necessary.

A copy of the original invoice is necessary for any warranty claim.Warranty is 

Bandit UTV Suspensions reserves the right to make the final decision in all matters pertaining to its warranty.

Custom Orders: There are no refunds on custom orders. They are customized for a special need with specifications given from you / the customer and cannot be returned. Otherwise all un used shocks or springs can be returned for a refund within 14 days of your purchase date. A 10% restocking fee does apply.

Because Bandit Suspension products are designed for use in rough, extreme driving conditions, Bandit Suspension cannot guarantee any of its suspension products, other than from manufacturing defects, because we have no control over how the suspension is used or maintained after installation. In addition, the purchaser assumes full responsibility to the extent legally permitted for the risks of personal injury and/or damage to the purchaser’s vehicle or to any third party that may be involved in an incident with the purchaser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: All shocks have a six month warranty from the date of purchase. This includes coverage of any manufacturer defects. During the six month period if a problem arises please email with a description and photo of said shock. The shock will be shipped back to us at your cost. We will then repair or replace the shock and ship back to you at our cost only in that six month period. After your six month warranty has expired you may purchase any replacement parts through us on the Bandit Parts Page. And you may have any shock technician local to you repair Bandit Shocks just as any other brand or see our service page to contact LaBaron's Powersports. 

Q: Why does Bandit recommend shock covers?
A: Shock covers will keep mud, stones and rocks from pelting your shocks and shock shafts. Dents in shafts can happen with any brand of shock shafts. Once dents occur this will drag dirt up into your seals and could potentially cause premature seal failure. We are sharing this to try to make your shocks last as long as possible. Shock covers do not cause damage to shocks. Shock covers are nylon material that heat passes through easily. You may not need to run shock covers in sand dunes although trails and mud conditions will have many rocks from small to large in the different terrains / soils. Shock covers can be purchased from us or companies such as PRP, or many other companies listed on Ebay. To measure the length for your shock covers, measure the length of your spring stacks when shock is at full extension and measure the outer circumference of your springs. This will give you the length and the circumference size needed. It is a good idea to remove your shock covers after dirty rides and wash them along with cleaning off any dirt particles on your shocks as a regular part of maintenance. 

Q: Why does Bandit recommend me to run limit straps?
A: We feel all UTV's should use limit straps even with OE shocks. Especially with added wheel spacers, larger heavier additional ply tires, beadlock or offset wheels, lift kits, extended a arms / trailing arms or arched a arms. We have seen many brands of shocks yanked or pulled apart in our off-road 40+ years of racing and being in the industry. Limit straps will save vital internal shock parts and also save axles and ball joints from prematurely wearing out. Limit straps have been used in the off-road industry for many years. There are over fifty different strap companies to choose from, PRP, Kartek, and many Ebay sellers as well. Straps whether two ply or four ply will be enough for UTV's. Straps can cost between $15- $35 a piece. This is a cheap add-on especially if you are a hard core driver keeping all of your suspension components lasting longer. To measure for limit straps typically you want 1.5 inch to 2 inch shorter than your shock eye to eye / top bolt hole to bottom bolt hole at full extension. All straps will stretch approximately 1 inch or more after a few rides typically leavng a 1/4 - 1/2 inch of safety. We again are sharing our beliefs and knowledge to keeping your shocks and other moving suspensions components from prematurely wearing out. 

Q: Does Bandit sell shock covers or limit straps?
A: Yes, we offer shock covers. We don't offer limit straps. We feel that if we did that the customer would just think it wasn't important and were just trying to sell more merchandise.

Q: How much preload do I add to my shocks and or springs?
A: Setting the preload will vary from one machine owner to the next, due to different driver and passenger weight, cargo, accessories, tire size, lift kits and terrain conditions as well as drivers speeds and capabilities. There is no perfect preload setting for us to tell you. Preload is setting the tension of your springs which in turn will raise or lower your vehicle ground clearance. Typically you will want to adjust your preload accordingly to your manufacturer OE specified gound clearance.

Q: Should I adjust the air pressure in my shocks?
A: NO, this is nitrogen which is filled from the manufacturer before shocks are received from customer. You cannot check your nitrogen pressure with a tire pressure gauge, or refill with air. If you decide to change your nitrogen pressure or check please contact your local shock technician who will have the proper gauges and nitrogen tools to take care of you. This will save time and money verses sending shocks back to us for us to re check your nitrogen pressure.

Q: How do I adjust my preload?
A: All current Bandit Shocks will be supplied with an allen wrench and a spanner rod. With the weight of the vehicle off of the ground with a proper floor jack (if you do not have the proper tools please see your local service / utv dealer) make sure all threads on shock body are clean. Spray lubricant such as WD40 on threaded area. Loosen the small lock bolt on the spanner nut that is at the top of the spring using the small allen wrench supplied. Then preceed to use your small spanner rod to turn the spanner nut adjuster in the direction desired. Make sure after each adjustment to re tighten the small lock bolt in the adjuster just snug and not over tighten. 

Q: How do I adjust my compression adjustment?
A: All shocks are shipped at click number 2 which is one click higher than the softest position. By using a small flat blade screw driver you may adjust to soft or towards firm and determine what click you are on by the small snap sound of each detent. All compression adjusters have 1-15 changable / usable adjustments.  

Q: Do I need to grease the spherical bearing between my gold bushings?
A: We send all shocks out with no grease on the bearing. Some customers may ride in sandy conditions and grease will attract sand like a magnet and wear out bearings. If you would like to grease your spherical bearings you may.

Q: What are the torque specs to tighten my shock bolts when installing new shocks?
A: Please see your manufacturer specific vehicle owners manual for torque specifications. Or call your local UTV Dealer.

Q: How often do I need to change my oil in my shocks?
A: We highly recommend having the oil changed every 2000-3000 miles of normal trail type riding. Extreme racing type riding should have oil changes done more frequently.