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I want to let you know that I absolutely love the ride and ride height of my machine after installing the Bandit spring kit on my 2016 rzr 900S. I have put on about 300 miles on them in various types of terrain and am very pleased. Thank you for a great product at a fair price. I have been recommending them to all my riding buddies and also on various forums. I agree with the other person who posted a testimonial stating "this is what the suspension should have been from the factory". Thanks again

Garth Forsyth

Ted: Just a note to thank you again for the shocks I ordered last year. This improvement made my 570 a new vehicle and along with better tires made it " new" and not a toy.No sway, handles much better (without comparison) able to take bumps and rocks which was impossible with the old "sachs sucks" shocks. Best money I have spent on my rzr to date. Thanks again, Joe Thomas / OSU Cowboy

"The wait is over and it was well worth it. All I can say is WOW, what a difference". "Over all I was much more relaxed in the RZR and got less tired because I didn't have to grip the wheel so much. Probably the most pleasurable ride I've had in a long while. I'm glad I spent the money. Kudos to BANDIT. Good job Randy/Rokitman RZR Forum member/California

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Bandit's have given my 50" trail a whole new life and gave me enough lift and clearance for 29.5" tires. Thanks, Drew Holt

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"To the guys at BANDIT thanks a million on making the RZR S handle the way it should. The piggy backs over exceeded my expectation. It took the Hatfield Mccoy Trails like a champ for four solid days. Easy through the most difficult and the suspension was a dream over the rocks and hills. I couldn't ask for more. You guys have great a product. I recommend it to anyone." Winston

"Within the first 3 miles my wife says this is what this machine should have felt like from the git go. Trust your passenger". David/GilaBrew RZR Forum member Arizona

Jason Jacobs

Wildcat Sport shocks

Took my wildcat sport out for a 60 mile ride with my new bandit shocks today. Everything we went over that just felt harsh before its now smooth as butter. The bandit shocks handled everything big or small with ease and comfort. These shocks perform well outside their price point. I have ridden the same machine with much more expensive shocks and they did no better than the bandits. Thank you for building an excellent product at an incredible price point.

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