• LIMIT STRAPZ 10,000 LB Nylon webbing double-wrapped over 10,000 LB tabs with internal deflectors. Cross-Stitched together for extra durability and superior strength with 346 thread count. Sizes from 15" to 33″ long measuring from the center of each eye bolt. Made to absorb extreme energy so they are engineered to stretch a bit. Strong enough for portals and all size tires in the UTV industry. One year warranty against breakage.


  • We feel all UTV's should use limit straps even with OE shocks when adding components such as portal lifts, wheel spacers, larger heavier additional ply tires, beadlock or offset wheels, lift kits, extended a arms / trailing arms or arched a arms. We have seen many brands of shocks yanked or pulled apart in our off-road 40+ years of racing and being in the industry. Limit straps will save vital internal shock parts and also save axles and ball joints from prematurely wearing out. Limit straps have been used in the off-road industry for many years. There are many strap companies to choose from, LIMIT STRAPZ, PRP, and Speed Strap.This is a cheap add-on especially if you are a hard core driver keeping all of your suspension components lasting longer.


  • To measure for limit straps typically you want 1.5 inch to 2 inch shorter than your shock eye to eye / top bolt hole to bottom bolt hole at full extension. All straps will stretch approximately 1 inch or more after a few rides typically leavng a 1/4 - 1/2 inch of safety. We again are sharing our beliefs and knowledge to keeping your shocks and other moving suspensions components from prematurely wearing out.

(Price is for 1 individual strap)

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