(ALL 4) ""LEVEL  5"" KAWASAKI 2013 -22 TERYX T2  or 2012-22 TERYX T4

(ALL 4) ""LEVEL 5"" KAWASAKI 2013 -22 TERYX T2 or 2012-22 TERYX T4

THE MOST ADJUSTABLE AND STRONGEST SHOCKS ON THE MARKET FOR THE TERYX. The Teryx shocks have been our biggest selling shocks worldwide for the past several years with more Teryx shocks built and sold around the world then any other brands. With all of our research and development as well as customer feedback we have developed the Level 5 Series 46. The Level 5 Series 46 are the best of everything we have to offer in turn making the Teryx handle like a trophy truck whether on the trail or in the desert. With 52 mm Steel bodies and 18 mm shafts they are the strongest, most adjustable and most economical Teryx shocks on the market when compared to other brands with same adjustability.


 Included with your purchase:


  • Compare to other brands of Teryx shocks on the market having aluminum bodies these steel body shocks are stronger as well as more precise with consistant damping force due to the fact that steel bodies will not expand as they heat up and will not fade during use keeping tighter tolerances.  Steel body shocks are the choice for all offroad racers. 
  • Built in house to your set up information given during checkout
  • All four shocks with springs already installed on your shocks
  • Spanner tool for Pre-load/ Spring Adjustment
  • Decals
  • Warranty 
  • Please note Limit Straps are not necessary, however if running portal lifts, long travel arms, tires 29" or larger limit straps may be a good idea for all brand of shocks


Our Level 5 Series 46 is the most adjustable and strongest shocks on the market for the Teryx.  Transforming your machine into a performance capable UTV.


  • Front and rear Teryx shocks have extra shaft travel compared to the OE Fox Shocks and adds 2 inches of wheel travel front and rear. Still allowing for the correct overall shock length but not over extending or prematurely wearing other suspension components such as ball joints, tie rod ends, cv's, or steering racks. 
  • Built longer eye to eye compared to the oe shocks to add 1" to 2" of additional ground clearance. ( CAN NOT USE A BRACKET LIFT SINCE THE SHOCKS ARE LONGER )
  • High Speed Compression
  • Low Speed Compression
  • Preload
  • Nitrogen Pressure
  • Cross Over Rings For True Dual Rate Spring Adjustability
  • Rebound Adjustment
  • Dual Speed Sensitive valving
  • Large Piggyback Reservoirs Front and Rear



  • Custom Valved for best all around UTV performance and improved High Speed and Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjustment compared to oem shocks
  • Hard coated aluminum external reservoir for greater oil volume to help prevent shock fade
  • All four rebuildable and serviceable direct replacement nitrogen charged performance shocks
  • Smoother weight transfer upon acceleration and braking
  • Consistent damping and predictable handling 

  • Maximum traction in any riding condition

  • Reduced body roll and increased stability

  • Gives second life to any TERYX with stock suspension. Adds wheel travel to any TERYX with stock sagging springs on the factory suspension due to our heavier race inspired springs.

  • Gained ground clearance

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