Procedure for Warranty Claims:

1) Please read and make sure to understand our Warranty Policy. As a reminder, our warranty is 90 days on manufacturing defects and does not cover normal wear, improper installation or accidents. Jobs that are sent in without prior approval will be charged in full.


2) Fill out the “Warranty Claim Form”. 


3) "CLEAN YOUR SHOCK/S" and package It or them properly to prevent any damage during shipping. Dirty shock/s will  be charged a $35.00 cleaning fee. You are solely responsible for any damage that might occur during shipping. You are also responsible for the shipping cost of your package to

Bandit UTV Suspension Service Center. 


4) Once we receive your package, your service or warranty job will be scheduled. If a issue is found to be a non warranty issue a fee may apply for your service. Warranty claims are scheduled in the order they are received, no exceptions. 


5) Never send shocks without first completing the Warranty Claim Form and / or emailing Bandit UTV Suspension first at we will need to give you a shipping address and schedule your warranty repair time accordingly

Procedure for Non-Warranty Claims:

Bandit UTV Suspension recommends to have out of warranty shocks for repairs or oil changes to be done locally to each customer. This will save time and the expense of shipping cost.

All Bandit UTV Suspension shocks can be serviced just as any other brand of shocks in the industry, by an experienced shock technician. 

 All parts that are needed are available by emailing us the components needed for servicing at

If you can not find a local technician in your area you may email us at for return shipping procedure and to schedule a service time with one of our technicians.

Replacement Parts:


Replacement parts are available. If you need any parts not listed below please contact us at for a quote on

parts and shipping.