All shocks have a 90-day limited warranty on manufacturer defects. This includes shaft seals, and or machining defects. 

All shock heads and shock bodies have a 2-year structural limited warranty.

(Proof of using limit straps will be necessary for all

shock head and or shock body claims).  As a reminder if using tires larger than 28 inch and or using portal lifts and or long travel a arms (meaning modified out of the oe specifications) limit straps are highly recommended

All other hard structural components such as shock shafts, lower rod ends, and reservoirs have a 1-year limited warranty covering breakage. 

If a hard structural component is broken during the limited warranty periods from the date of purchase we will send you a new replacement part. (Rebuilding or servicing/labor is not included for the repair).

All coil springs have a lifetime limited warranty covering coil breakage.

This does not include or cover :

Abuse of the product

Racing accidents/Trail collisions

Powder coating /stone chips on springs/hard coating/Anodizing/Corrosion

Stone or Rock Chips on Shafts

Improper installation

Disassembly or modifications

Unauthorized oil changes

Damage such as scratches or chips on springs

occurring during shipping to the customer. 

Corrosion caused by chemicals or acidic Salt Water

All warranty claims passed the 90-day manufacturer defect period

are subject to the determinization of the said part

and issue and or proof of said shock/s being fully serviced

annually by a professional shock technician, as recommended

in the shock service intervals chart found

on Page 4 of your paperwork.

Bandit UTV Suspension has the right

and final say or approval of all and any Warranty Claims.

Warranty is non transferable


The shipping box should contain the following:

Shock absorbers and or springs

Information Insert with Warranty Claim Form


All Bandit shock absorbers are set up with heavier rate springs compared to the OE weak springs. Our valving is set to match the heavier rate springs. Shocks are recommended for vehicles with added cargo, accessories and passenger weight unless otherwise 

specified in description.


All Bandit Suspension shock absorbers are ready for installation.

Fine-tuning might be required or necessary.


A copy of the original invoice is necessary for any warranty claim. Warranty is non-transferable. 


Bandit UTV Suspensions reserves the right to make the final decision in all matters pertaining to its warranty.


Because Bandit Suspension products are designed for use in rough, extreme driving conditions, Bandit Suspension cannot guarantee any of its suspension products, other than from manufacturing defects, because we have no control over how the suspension is used or maintained after installation. In addition, the purchaser assumes full responsibility to the extent legally permitted for the risks of personal injury and/or damage to the purchaser’s vehicle or to any third party that may be involved in an incident with the purchaser.


Any unused and uninstalled spring kits can be returned for a partial refund within 7 days of the purchase date. Shipping cost to us is not covered and needs to be paid by the customer.  A 25% restocking fee will  apply. Any returned items that are damaged during shipping back to us due to improper packaging may not be eligible for any refund and will be shipped directly back to the purchasing customer.

Custom Orders/ Shock Packages : There are no refunds on Custom Orders/ Shock Packages. They are customized for a special need with specifications pertaining to the UTV and or specifications  given from you the customer and cannot be returned.  All shocks are built upon order.


Replacement seals and or parts are non returnable.

PRP, Speed straps and Limit Strapz brand limit straps are non refundable and can not be exchanged for different lengths


Bandit UTV Suspension has the right to advertise Sales on Products at any time. If a sale is posted within 7 Days after your original purchase date the customer is eligible to receive a price adjustment. If it is past the

7 Day period no adjustment will be made.  This excludes any Holidays, Black Friday or Free shipping sales to which these are specific sales and price adjustments can not be honored if purchased in a 7 day period prior to the start of the sale date.

Bandit UTV Suspension 

Liability Disclaimer

BANDIT UTV SUSPESNION sells products that are intended to be owned & operated by adults 18 years of age and older. UTV's and accessories for UTV's including, but not limited to supsension, are inherently dangerous. BANDIT UTV SUSPENSION is not liable under any circumstances for any damage or injury, incidental or consequential, due to the direct or indirect use of this product, which includes all malfunctions from negligence or defect. The buyer accepts full responsibility for all risks, losses, costs & damages that may be incurred as a result of operating this product, and release BANDIT UTV SUSPESNION and all those affiliated with them from any and all claims, including costs & attorney's fees.